Are you excited or curious about the transition to a circular world?
And do you want to know how you can make an impact within this transition? Then the national talent programme Leadership for the Circular Transition (LCT) is just for you! 


In the national Talentprogramme Leadership for the Circular Transition (LCT) students work together with fellow students and experts from the field of circular transitions from across the Netherlands for about four months. You develop the competencies and skills you need to play your part in the transition towards a circular world.

"I made really big changes personally, but also on
the case of circularity" - LCT Student 2022

The programme

The LCT-programme consists of three modules. You can follow the full package, or pick the parts that fit your schedule and interest. To get the most out of the programme, we strongly suggest following the complete programme. In three modules, you'll work together with fellow students and experts from the field of circular transitions from across the Netherland. 


Friday 1 & 8 December & January 12th | @ Central locations

During three days you will meet and work together with fellow students. Learn about the circular transition, (personal) leadership, design thinking, and what we can learn from nature.



5 - 9 February

In the National Hackathon Circular Economy, you work as a team to develop the best solution for a big challenge: accelerating the movement from slow fashion to fast fashion. Join forces with other students from all over the Netherlands, follow (online) expert workshops and pitch your idea at the Grande Finale!

March / April 2024  

During three days you will dive deeper into the subjects that came along in the Hackathon. Learn more about system thinking, circular business models, how to add value in different ways and what this means for yourself. Save the date:


  • Friday 22 March  (@ HAN-Arnhem)
  • Friday 5 April (@ Hof van Cartesius Utrecht) 
    • Friday 19 April (De moestuin, Utrecht)




    Signing up for the Winterschool and the National Hackathon is no longer possible.

    "Working with people from different backgrounds really opens up paths to new creative ideas." - LCT Student 2023

    What's in it for me?

    • Learn what you can do for a circular world within your discipline and beyond.
    • Get an unique opportunity to learn outside of regular courses and institutions.
    • Meet fellow students who are passionate about sustainability.
    • Work with students from MBO's, HBO's and WO's from all over the Netherlands.
    • Learn from one another's strengths.
    • Develop your leadership skills, build up a strong network of (future) leaders and work towards a great addition to your CV.
    • Receive a certificate of attendance for the whole LCT programme or a certificate of attendance for each workshop module.


    We hope to see you in the LCT-programme!


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    If you have any questions, please contact the coördinator: 

    Dianne de Fijter |