Grande Finale

On February 9th, the Grande Finale takes place at Fashion for Good in Amsterdam. During the finale, each regions' best team(s) pitch their ideas to an expert jury, who will pick the winner of the National Hackathon Circular Economy 2024. 

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The teams

We are excited to show you this years' Finalists and their ideas:

New Optimist case:

  • F&G Circularity (Windesheim & InHolland): We create a platform called Your Sustainable Wardrobe. This platform combines product passports, styling options, repair/swap options and locations. In this way, shopping sustainable is easy. 
  • Sexy Sustainability (Avans): Make it sexy, make it visual, make the QR code part of the design so you can wear sustainability as a fashion statement.
  • Point of No Return (Hogeschool Zuyd): Preventing returns by offering the ability to put on and match clothes with your own and other New Optimist clothing through AR technology. In doing so, we offer additional information regarding repairs and repair locations.
  • Renewed Optimists (Hogeschool Rotterdam): Add our new designed passport stamps to the digital passports, in a new account platform with a point/ level system. Collect these stamps and receive privileges or extras. To create engagement among the target group.
  • The Changemakers (Hogeschool Rotterdam): We are proposing a collection that makes the brand logo more visible on the clothing items in order to build brand recognition. The QR code for the statiegeld will also be placed on the exterior together with the logo and as an optimization it will include information about the cost of waste in case the customer does not return the item.

H&M case:

  • YuCirculair (Yuverta): To expand, scale, and reach more customers, there is only one solution that really works; it can only happen when the clothing is reused time and time again. And in good plain Tilburg language: “we doen het opnieuw”. Which translates to Up-New!
  • EcoClean Innovators (Hogeschool Rotterdam): To escalate H&M rental service exclusively in Amsterdam, Eco Clean Innovators aims to implement green dry-cleaning to comply with sustainable goals and attract targeted customers.
  • Humble&Mooi (Firda, RUG & NHL Stenden): A revolutionary rental service by the H&M group, specializing in eco-friendly, hygienic apparel for newborns and expecting mothers. Let’s reshape fashion with purpose and advocate for mindful consumption to create a brighter future, and let’s bring back donating activities!
  • Atelier by H&M (Firda, RUG & NHL Stenden): Build an entire outfit to look your best at parties and events with the help of a digital stylist that tailors to your needs. Let’s make a change on the way to a circular economy, by renting your one-time-wear outfit instead of buying.

Our expert jury

During the Grande Finale, experts from the field of circular textile will assess your ideas. The jury consists of: 

Antoine Heideveld
Director Het Groene Brein and board member at Dutch Circular Textile Valley

Kim Polder
Professor Circular Business at the Hague University of Applied Sciences and Special Chair / Endowed Professor in Circular Regional and Economic Development at the University of Groningen. 


Larissa van der Knaap
Junior researcher at  Hogeschool Rotterdam and former LCT student

Karlijn Frequin - Poppelaars
Sustainability Communications specialist H&M


Nelleke Wegdam

Founder New Optimist