Spring School

The Spring School is the third module of the LCT-programme. In this module, we continue working on themes that passed during the National Hackathon Circular Economy by taking a look into the world of students. 

During the Spring School, we offer workshops about circular business models and how to add value in different ways. Also, we explore how to look at the system and how change works. Next to that, we discuss climate justice: how can we make sure our behaviour is fair to other parts of the world?

Day 1 | Friday March 22 

Time: 10:00-17:00 | Location: HAN University of Applied Sciences, location Arnhem
Get to know each other during this first day of the Spring School. This day, we dive into how to create value in multiple ways and food waste. 

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Junion Hanenberg has been working on circular food systems for years. Junion is founder of Intelligent Food, where he focuses on processing residual streams of puff pastry and fish into luxury biscuits and aromatic olive oils based on fish extracts. Next to that, Junion is lecturer at Hogeschool Rotterdam where he focusses on circularity, sustainability and preventing waste.

Day 2 | Friday April 5

Time: 10:00-17:00 | Location: Hof van Cartesius, Utrecht
This day, we will focus on circular business models. 

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Mirella Soyer just started as professor Behaviour for Circular Transitions at Hogeschool Rotterdam, where she focuses on the textile industry. Mirella has been working on circular change for some time now: in 2014, she developed the minor Circular Economy. 

Day 3 | Friday April 19

Time: 10:00-16:00 | Location: De Moestuin, Utrecht
Climate justice and Systems Thinking is the theme of this day. What is climate justice, what does a just transition towards a circular economy mean? How can we make sure our behaviour is just, and fair to other parts of the world? 

hosted by Jos Sienknecht and Selçuk Balamir

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