National Hackathon Circular Economy 2024: Towards slow fashion

Monday 5 February the National Hackathon Circular Economy is about to begin! 250 students from the whole country (mbo, hbo or wo) with a passion for circularity will work together for innovative ideas to ensure that we shift from fast fashion to slow fashion. 

During the National Hackathon Circular Economy, they work in teams to develop the best solution for a big challenge: accelerating the movement from fast fashion to slow fashion. Join forces with other students from all over the Netherlands, follow (online) expert workshops and pitch your ideas at the Grande Finale on February 9th! Take a look at this year's programme!

NHCE2024: The cases

This year's NHCE has two case holders: H&M and New Optimist

  • H&M is a Swedish fashion giant with almost 2000 stores worldwide. Their case focusses on scaling options for rental. 
  • New Optimist is a circular fashion pioneer that focusses on closing the loop. Their case focusses 'Statiegeld' (deposit) and the options a digital passport to support the statiegeld-system. 

Unlock your potential with our workshops!

At NHCE2024, we've got you and your team covered with daily workshops led by experts. Each morning, you dive into circular fashion, prototyping, pitching, and more. Also, entrepreneurs in the circular field generously share their stories, motivations and experiences with you. The workshops are supportive to the challenge and will provide you with new insights. 

About the National Hackathon Circular Economy

The NHCE2024 is part of the Leadership for the four-month National Talent Program Leadership for the  Circular Transition, organised by a consortium of universities and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Over four months, students from different universities and colleges attend workshops & sessions to be trained to become leaders of the future and contribute to the transition to a circular society.

The Hackathon is open not only to the students following this talent program, but to all students who fancy a cool challenge and want to contribute to a circular economy. In March & April we will have a Springschool with three inspiring days. Want to know more? You can mail